April 25, 2019


Parker House Liquor Store & Lounge
143 N Summit St
Crescent City, FL 32112

This is about a 3 – 4 hour side trip off the St Johns River, but well worth the time! Dock at one of the free city docks. Enter east into Dunn’s Creek between green 15 and red 16. Follow Dunn’s Creek to Crescent Lake. Crescent City is located on the southwest shore, just past Bear Island. This route is not recommended for anyone drawing more than 5 feet as there are several shallow places in Dunn’s Creek and a considerable area at the entrance to the lake that is 6 foot or less. There are no markers in the lake so just pull up Crescent City on google maps or your favorite navigation app and head towards it until you see the dock. Once you are in the lake, there is plenty of depth across most of the lake.