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When we bought our boat and began cruising in 2013, one of the first things we noticed was that there was no comprehensive guide of places to stop and visit from our boat, like museums, farmers markets, restaurants, or shopping. Other guides did a great job of telling you where to anchor or which marinas were available or what city to visit, but they only mentioned sights if they were in conjunction with somewhere you were already planning on stopping. What if we wanted to plan our stops based on sights we wanted to see instead of the other way around? Additionally, not only were the casual mention of sights not comprehensive, but you had to read each page or click on each icon of an anchorage or Marina to see if anything was listed. There was no separate designation for “something to see”.

After several years of cruising, in 2018 we finally decided to stop complaining and just create such a list. And so Amazing Mile Marker Stops was born. Here the emphasis is on the amazing stops, not the places to park your boat or how to get there. It is not meant to replace those other guides, but to supplement them.

Each sight is listed in the order you will encounter it on your trip and is within bike riding distance of a boat dock or dinghy landing. We will try to keep updated hours of operation for each listing so you will know whether you can visit – before you drop the hook!

This list will be constantly updated to include more and more stops so if you don’t see a stop listed on this trip, please check back in the next time around to see if a new stop has been added.

And remember, don’t just cruise … visit Amazing Mile Marker Stops!

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Don't Just Cruise, Visit Amazing Mile Marker Stops!

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