April 19, 2019

Silver Glen Springs Park

Silver Glen Springs Park
5301 N Highway 19
Fort McCoy, FL 32134
Open daily 8am – 8pm
Admission: Free to boat into the springs; about $6 if you walk up into the park.

Silver Glen Springs Park is located on the southwest side of Lake George. There is no marked route to the spring so just turn west out of the Lake George channel whenever you feel it is safe. The depths in the lake are usually good until you get close to the spring, where it becomes shallow. Anything drawing more than 3 feet should get local knowledge to make it into the spring, or you can anchor out in the lake and dinghy in. (Editor’s note: We did make it into the spring on our research vessel, Elixir, a 39 foot DeFever trawler which draws 3.8 feet. However, we did run soft aground both going in and coming out. A little throttle got us going again and the sandbar did not appear to be very wide. The depth marker at the Astor Bridge was at 22.5 feet.)